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We are a specialist supplier (and manufacturer), of genuine Fully-Fashioned Nylon stockings with seam and sell worldwide since 1995. In response to popular demand, Branches Online is launching an addition to their collection. We have now a 1950s authentic suspender (garter) belt, which is totally hand made, a reproduction of the 1950s. Recently added to our collection: "It's You!" an original 1950s traditional classic Bra to make an unforgettable impression, pointed 'bullet bra' profile and exquisite fabrics set this bra apart from anything else.

New at Branches Online! RH&T Nylons in the same classic yarn (as our seamed Nylons) and double welt for comfort.

Branches Online sells Nylon stockings from a bygone age (1950s & 1960s); and at last it is possible to combine the Nylons with our suspender belt, which is constructed with 6 straps and genuine metal clasps.

We are committed to providing a first class service to all our customers throughout the world so when you buy from Branches Online you can buy with confidence wherever you live.

Branches Online
  • Exclusive and high quality hosiery
  • First class workmanship and finishing
  • Perfect shape and fit for all sophisticated wearing occasions
Indulge yourself and try a pair of Branches Online's RH&T Nylons, you won't be disappointed. Your legs will have a beautiful, sexy look and feel that pantyhose or today's so called 'Nylons' cannot duplicate. You will love them and the man in your life will love the look and feel as well! Branches Online's Nylons are the best you can buy World-Wide.

Our authentic Nylon stockings with seam are manufactured on the original 1950's knitting machines and from the finest 100% Nylon of 15 denier. No stretch and no Lycra! Point Heel - Cuban Heel - Havana Heel

Due to such high demand for RH&T seamless Nylons we are glad to announce that they are at last available in eight enchanting shades.

These Reinforced Heel and Toe stockings ('60s style) are of the highest quality, 100% Nylon (no stretch and no Lycra!) and are of the finest 15% denier yarn.

RH&T Nylons (1960s style) provide an alternative choice for daily wear and for any occasion for those who feel more comfortable with a plain (seam free) Nylon stocking. Here's where to go to find the highest quality, sheerest, authentic 1960s style RH&T Nylons. All are 100% Nylon, no Lycra here! Branches Online's RH&T Nylons are knit on mills that produce a stocking exactly as they were made in the 1960s.
Many suspender (garter) belts have the fastenings made out of plastic, avoid these as they are not very secure. Stick with suspender (garter) belts that have metal hardware, they will hold your Nylons up more securely and the metal hardware will not deteriorate as the plastic will.

Our suspender belt (garter belt) is made from Lycra and Nylon. The front panel of this garter belt is made of extremely soft lace, The whole of the garment is made of very soft material. Unique in the world, because this suspender belt has metal clasps (no plastic) and because we deliver this exquisite garment with 6 straps, these give that added support to the Nylon stockings, enabling you to wear them with confidence all day long, no more twisting of seams and wrinkling at the ankles.

"It's You" This wonderfully crafted 1950ies styled bra is designed to make an unforgettable impression when worn underneath your clothes. This is truly a classic 1950ies look. Lifts and supports your breasts.

Often imitated, but never equaled!

Hand made classic authentic reproduction bra by Branches Online. With the traditional bullet cups of the '50s!.
- Sophisticated Elegance by Branches Online - These FFSS Havana Heel Nylon stockings are rare due to the complex manufacturing technique that is no longer cost effective for the large companies that manufacture most stockings available to today's woman. The stockings are manufactured on machinery produced in 1957 that is capable of making only 30 legs (15 pair) a hour. Each Nylon stocking must then go through many additional steps, all labor intensive, to produce the finished product. Our Fully Fashioned and RH&T Nylon stockings are relatively expensive to make and to sell; but the very best is never cheap. I'll bring you to our authentic Fully-Fashioned Havana Heel Nylons! Our Fully-Fashioned nylons are guaranteed to be the finest 15 denier and 100% pure Nylon.

Your choice should give you nothing but complete satisfaction!

Yours faithfully,

Branches Online - Sophisticated Elegance -

   This is the first thing I have brought over the net from outside the UK and I can honestly say your service is excellent. I got my nylons this week, it is fantastic. The fit, look, everything, I am so very happy with it.

Thank you so much.

Kimberly, Birmingham, West Midlands, England - via E-mail.

   I love you Branches Online!!! I had such a good experience today getting my girdle and stockings. You have all the stuff that no one makes anymore. I love it! And you didn't make me feel like a whale. In fact, you made me feel pretty!

Kate H., Brooklyn, NY, USA, - via E-mail.

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