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reproduction suspender belt (lace) with 6 suspenders

power-stretch suspender belt with 6 suspenders

Authentic suspender (garter) belt, a reproduction of the 1950s

Manufactured by traditional methods.
Six straps! (width 3/4" = 2 cm.) made with authentic metal clasps.
Front panel, height 6" = 15 cm.
3 rows of adjustment clasps on the back of the garment.
Total three hook per adjustment.
Enchanting lace design on the front panel.
Product made from Lycra and Nylon.
The back of the garment is made of a soft stretchy material for extra comfort.
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Available in: black and white.


Price: € 39,90

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Our suspender (garter) belt is available in 3 sizes, please refer to the chart below or click above on: DEFINITION OF SIZES.

1. Small USA =   8 - 10 / UK = 10 - 12 International = 36 - 38 (standard size)
2. Medium USA = 12 - 14 / UK = 14 - 16 International = 40 - 44 (standard size)
3. Large USA = 16 - 18 / UK = 18 - 20 International = 46 - 50 (standard size)
4. XLarge USA = 20 - 22 / UK = 22 - 24 International = 52 - 56 (standard size)
1. Small Waist size = approx. 24" to 28" / 60 -   70 cm.
2. Medium Waist size = approx. 28" to 34" / 70 -   85 cm.
3. Large Waist size = approx. 34" to 40" / 85 - 100 cm.
4. XLarge Waist size = approx. 40" to 44" / 100 - 115 cm.

If you are unsure concerning the size, just choose a smaller size for maximum support.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the adjustment on the back of the suspender (garter) belt, it is possible to adjust the fitting to suit your requirements! More stretch in the sizes medium and large.

Beautiful traditional six strap suspender belt made by Branches Online. Sophisticated lace front (6 inch deep = 15 cm.) panel, with authentic metal clips and adjusters. A reproduction of the 50ies.
Front panel is made from the finest quality lace!
Six straps (width 3/4" = 2 cm.) made with authentic metal clips and adjusters. If you're going to wear real Nylon stockings, you need real underwear!
Enchanting lace design on the wide front panel. Of course with six adjustable metal suspender clasps. The whole of the garment is made of very soft material. SIX straps, these give that added support to the Nylon stockings. Enabling you to wear them with confidence all day long. No more twisting of seams and wrinkling at the ankles! A reproduction of the 1950s ...
... never be caught without them!!!

Find out how something so practical can be so romantic ...

Authentic suspender (garter) belt, a reproduction of the 1950s. These hand finished suspender (garter) belts are manufactured from a soft stretch Nylon and Lycra material for added comfort together with 3 position metal hook and eye adjustment for your best fit ever. These traditional style suspender (garter) belts boast in definite uniqueness and fine quality, not forgetting comfort. Manufactured by Branches Online, using traditional methods.

We have made every effort to display the products featured on the web site as accurately as possible. However, the colours we use, as well as the display and colours capabilities of your particular computer monitor (TFT screen), will greatly affect the colours you actually see on the screen. Branches Online cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of any colour, texture, or detail of actual merchandise will be accurate.

We apologise that the images provided do not give full justice to our exquisite products.

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